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Mar 2020: Open positions for postdoc, PhD intern, research assistant.

Dec 2019: Visual+interactive data contributes towards four papers for CHI 2020! Congrats everyone!


Visual+Interactive Data group is researching interactive, exploratory and explanatory visualizations across environments such as screen, tangible, and immersion to support interdisciplinary research to understand and communicate complex data. Visual+Interactive Data is based at the Institute for Design Informatics and the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. Our research includes, but is not limited to areas in

Visual+Interactive Data is heavily involved in co-organizing Edinburgh’s Data Vis Meetup. Get in touch with us if you want to become involved.

Selected Projects (more)

Online Course Data Visualization for Professionals

Data Visualization Cheat Sheets are aimed at supporting learning and teaching of data visualization techinques and investigate ways to better teach data visualization in general.

Data Comics combine visual language and narrative patterns from traditional comics to tell expressive stories with data and visaulization. We explore this exciting medium and develop workshops and guiding material.

The Edinburgh VisHub is an university-wide lab for data visualization equipment to foster research, collaboration, learning, and outreach. DXR and IATK are two toolkits for creating immersive data visualizations in augmented and virtual reality. Check how to participate in our upcoming workshop at CHI 2020.

The Vistorian is an Interactive Visualizations for Dynamic and Multivariate Networks. Free, online, and open source. More information on the Vistorian-blog.

Survey on Geographical Networks

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